The Other Side Of Aspen V

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Video Description: Jimmy wanders round back, looking for another entrance to the cabin, only to stumble upon the lusty triumvirate of Brad Benton, Joe Foster, and Alec Martinez as they warm themselves in a fraternal fashion. These three smooth, stiff, sexually invigorated studs attempt every possible permutation of a threesome: stroking, sucking, and exploring each other's hot and bothered bodies before devoting themselves to a daisy-chain of delicate rimming. Alec opens Brad's tight hole with one, two, then three firmly probing fingers. Joe and Alec take turns fucking and being masterfully fellated by Brad before Joe finally unleashes his voluminous load over Brad's waiting, handsome face. Still impaled on Alec's unyielding tool, Brad loudly lets fly an admirable fountain of white-hot spunk. Overheated, over-stimulated, and ready to burst, Alec sends his own streams of manhood over Brad's lower back. Frenzied and fulfilled, Alec laps his load from Brad's taut, tanned flesh. Cooled, soothed, and satisfied, the threesome return to a group embrace, reconfirming the masculine bond of Eros.