The Brothers

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Starring Bert Edwards
Video Description: Big, Hot And Horny: Bert Edwards hails from a rugged farming region in Canada and his aggressive sexual appetite is as untamed as the wilderness of Canada itself. Bert's face reflects a mixed feeling of pain and pleasure as he forces himself onto and into his partner both anally and orally. His sexual passion is obviously both physical and mental. While he roughly bites, squeezes and slams his partner, he gives out with a steady stream of four-letter words and repeats them over and over as he gets rougher and rougher until his whole body and mind seem to explode into a wanton climax giving both he and his partner a raw satisfying pleasure. Surprisingly, Bert is a very warm, sensitive boy – out of bed – which lends a beautiful contrast to his forceful aggressiveness in bed. He is one in a million and we are sure you will want to see much more of him in the future. We have taken positive steps to ensure that you can.