Smoldering Hot

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Video Description: If the size of the tent in Rylan Shaw's jeans is any indication, Bobby Clark's cocksucking skills are about to be put to the test. A nipple-pinching make out session on the outdoor deck ends with two naked studs swapping blow jobs, and ... yes ... Rylan's cock fully delivers the length and girth promised by that bulge. But the best action happen inside, with Rylan writhing on his back while Bobby's tongue probes and bastes his hole. Bobby's barely furry buns wave in anticipation of the pounding he's soon to deliver. With Rylan still on his back, Bobby sidles up to him, enfolds him in his arms, and slides his tongue, still covered in Rylan's ass juices, into Rylan's mouth while he slides his cock into Rylan's juicy hole. The room is filled with the sounds of passion as Rylan pulls his monster cock in rhythm to Bobby's strokes. A switch to reverse cowboy position offers prime views of two white hot bodies in perfect conjunction. They take turns controlling this smoldering fuck that culminates with Rylan shooting buckets of jism across his abs, soon to be mingled with Bobby's load.