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Video Description: The scruffy and built stud Dylan Hauser and his buddy, hot blond Connor Patricks are enjoying a long hike, when they stop for a rest. Connor has run out of water and he's parched, so Dylan lets him know he's willing to share, but Connor is “gonna have to work for it.” Dylan grabs at his crotch which is the price Connor has to pay, and Connor is happy to service his buddy. As Dylan serves his water down his chest and onto his cock, Connor laps it up and deep throats his buddy in the process. Dylan turns around and pours water down his back as Connor eats his hole. The whole scene turns both of them on so much that Connor lies back on the bench they've stopped at and Dylan fucks his mouth, and then he goes down on Connor in a hot, hiking 69. It's not long before Dylan shoots his juice all over Connor's chest and Connor quickly replies with a creamy load.