High Tide

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Video Description: Stumbling out of a club, Matthew is overcome by three thugs-Mike Branson, Brian Cruise, and Sebastian Cruz-determined to teach him a lesson. The brutal trio takes turns stuffing their thick cocks into Matthew's mouth, then decides to spirit him away to a remote location. Stuffing Matthew into the trunk of their car, they speed off. Parked on an isolated hill, the horny hoodlums vie for the opportunity of being the first to exploit the dazed blond stud. Brian Cruise wins, forcing his thick hard cock down Matthew's throat. Brian pulls his captive from the trunk and fucks him hard and fast. Sebastian and Mike can hardly wait for their turn. Sebastian takes over, pumping Matthew forcefully. Mike takes his turn, feverishly pounding Matthew's ass. The trio taunts Matthew as they ravage his ass, then all three shoot their loads across the small of his back.