Dripping Wet 2

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Video Description: TJ Hawke looks like a muscly water sprite caught lounging at the end of the pristine pool, relaxed and carefree. Bobby Clark swims up to the exotic sea creature and surfaces only to drown him with soulful kisses. Their snug wet underwear soon slide down off their hips, exposing their two magnificent love muscles. Bobby dives onto TJ’s dick to suck away, savoring each lap of that tasty piece of meat. TJ quickly returns the favor, sending Bobby over the moon. Turk Mason quietly walks in, looking just as hungry and eager, and immediately joins in. He services both jocks engulfing their dicks as his head swivels left to right. TJ stands up and Bobby starts lapping up his dick while Turk gets behind him to eat out his hole. They continue sucking and rimming before TJ and Bobby tag-team and work Turk over, plugging him up at both ends. Ready to explode, they stroke themselves off until all three finally climax and cum.