Dripping Wet #04

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Video Description: Blond stud Christopher Daniels is drifting on a raft when the stunning Dean Monroe pullshim in for a kiss. Sly Dean, sporting slicked-back hair and a full manicured beard, slips afinger in Christopher's ass while slipping his tongue into Christopher's mouth. Danielsarches his back and nods, “go for it.” Dean takes a moment to survey his prey, letting onehand run down Christopher's thigh while the other circles his furry chest. GrabbingChristopher's hard shaft, Dean rubs the head around his nose and mouth before sucking it.Christopher needs to get fucked. Now. They seek dry ground and without further foreplay,Daniels settles his hole onto Monroe's upright cock. Loads of saliva are exchanged, whetherit's Dean lubricating the cock he's sucking or Christopher spitting into Dean's mouth whilehe gets poled. The pace changes when Christopher dismounts and his face seeks out themusty cleavage of Dean's buns. It's Dean's turn to get fucked. Christopher spears him frombehind, using more spit for lube. Six-packs ripple in unison until Dean suddenly rightshimself, releasing a burst of cum that triggers Daniels to do likewise, then lap the gooeystickiness off the hairs on Dean's chest.