Deep South: The Big And The Easy, Part 2

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Video Description: Josh Weston attempts to enlist the support of Sheriff Chris Steele and Deputy Jason Hawke, but the lawmen scoff at his stories of abduction and intrigue--suggesting that perhaps Josh just got a little too wild in Big Easy revelry. Stunned and dismissed, Josh departs, determined to get to the bottom of things with or without the assistance of the police.With Josh gone, sheriff and deputy drop their dismissive facade to reveal their lusty designs. Sheriff Steele is certain the Josh will be attending the upcoming erotic ball...and Deputy Hawke suggests some lusty practice in preparation. Jason drops his pants, playing with his ass as Chris stiffens up to the sight. The session progresses through ass-play and rimming into mutual cocksucking before Deputy Hawke enjoys a thorough ass-pounding by the sheriff. The sheriff then penetrates his deputy's ass with his nightstick....probing deeper and deeper as Jason takes the tool and strokes his cock. The deputy shoots his load over his sheriff's chest, massaging it in with his stiff but satisfied cock before kneeling down and experiencing Steele's own hot essence splattering his face.