Czech Tales, Part 2

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Video Description: Professions of love. Still unsuccesful with his search, Boris cools his heels at the city fountain unaware that something menacing is lurking behind. Tibor Cernan has spotted our blond hero and the animalistic urge to devour him takes over. He sneaks up behind the unwitting Boris and clubs him unconscious, carrying him to a secret hideaway where he subjects him to his unbridled lust. Boris is held captive by this goon with the big club and big dick. And with his intimidating sneers and threatening fists, Tibor forces Boris to suck his cock. He then focuses on his victim's ass, fingering and rimming the hole, priming it for a full-blown assault. Boris is scared, confused, then delirious with unexpected pleasure, succumbing to his tormentor's brutal treatment. He is on all fours as Tibor fingerfucks him, slapping his asscheeks - both men knowing full well what is about to happen. The chest-thumping brute piledrives his thick hard cock up Boris' tight hole and pumps awa y, sli ding in and