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Video Description: Behind the barn, Brian Daniels badgers Jeremy Penn for some action. At first, Jeremy is hesitant, afraid of discovery, but Brian insists and Jeremy relents. Brian pulls Jeremy's jeans down, revealing his primed erect cock. Brian goes down on it with abandon, greedily taking Jeremy's prick deep into his throat. Then he demonstrates his oral skill...working his tongue around the tip and along the shaft while Jeremy gasps with pleasure. Braced against the red siding, Jeremy leans back, letting Brian nibble and suck his cock. The young men relocate to a nearby picnic table and Brian lies back with legs spread wide. Jeremy massages and opens Brian's ass while Brian rims him. Then Jeremy takes Brian from behind and slips his cock into Brian's hole, nuzzling and nibbling the nape of his neck, wandering to the tip of his ear while rhythmically thrusting into him. The men reposition themselves and Jeremy energetically pounds Brian's ass as he reclines. Soon the men have reached their climax and delivered their goods before collapsing in an exhausted, languid embrace.