Convictions, Part 2

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Video Description: Lane Fuller lays on his bed and strokes off to the image of Marcus Iron-whose video he's been watching. Marcus materializes and the two kiss. Marcus first sucks Lane's cock, then squeezes the two cocks together before fucking Lane's face. Lane sticks his ass in the air and Marcus accepts the invitation-playing with his ass and licking his holle while Lane throats his cock. The pair begin to 69 and then Marcus fucks him from behind. Marcus flips Lane over and contines to pound his ass....the constant pumping proves too much for lane and he shoots his load. Gratefully Lane licks Marcus's balls as Marcus works his cock...shooting his load all over Lane's chest. (Additional note: Brett Michaels and Jeremy Tucker appear in brief dream sequences during this scene. Brett masturbating and Jeremy reclining. While they do not contribute significant content to the scene they appear and reappear throughout.)