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Starring Braxton Bond, Crash
Video Description: An impromptu game of arm wrestling results in Crash as the winner and he claims Braxton Bond as his prize. They take it to the pool table, kissing and getting ready to play with each other's sticks and balls. Crash grips Braxton's dick and strokes it to hardness. Braxton grabs Crash's cock and starts to suck it, then he mouths the perfect balls tickling each orb with his tongue. Crash pushes Braxton onto the table and starts to fellate him. He's just as hungry for cock and nurses on it like a hungry baby. He eats Braxton's ass, running his tongue around and into the hole. Crash slides his dick inside the primed asshole. He fucks the blond jock in nice steady strokes, then gradually quickens the pace. The guys switch up and Braxton fucks Crash just as vigorously until he cums and shoots his wad.