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Sexual intensity and erotic energy are redlining in 'Turn It Up!' For the second release from the new Falcon Edge line, Director Nick Foxx hand picks seven hunky, horny, handsome and hung men guaranteed to make your temperature — and your dick — rise as they press their flesh together to celebrate hot, steamy, man-on-man sex. Lucky Chris Bines has two scenes that bookend the action and allow him to display his sexual virtuosity and versatility. First, he must decide whether to eat out or to fuck Brandon Jones' perfect muscled ass. He does both and gives up his ass to Brandon for good measure. Then, Lance Luciano defines hot when he presents his sculpted, sexy perfection and delivers his amazing cock deep into Chris' eager hole. Ricky Decker and Jimmy Durano 'Turn It Up!' full blast when Jimmy provides over 8 thick, meaty inches to fill Ricky's hole and his desires. Hump 'em and pump 'em: That would be Alex Graham, working his hip flexor muscles to the max, challenging Connor Maguire to achieve new heights of topping greatness. The bottoms in 'Turn It Up!' point their toes to the sky and pull their knees to their chests for hard, deep fucking by experts tops who pump up the volume and pump out facial after facial.

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