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The coals of a fire smolder until they ignite into a blaze, and the passion of these eight jocks does the same as their hunger for each other burns so hot they burst into incendiary encounters. Some people say a kiss is just a kiss, but for director Bruno Bond, a kiss is the fuel to these flames, an invitation to a carnal encounter that is Smoldering Hot. Four couples feed each other's fire by building the smoldering embers of desire into flaming fire of lust and intense hard core sex in scenes that will leave you drenched in more ways than one. Bobby Clark gets into a nuclear-hot exchange with humpy muscle-stud Rylan Shaw, whose monster endowment deserves its own showcase. Exclusive Jimmy Fanz teases an erection out of sleeping beauty Donny Wright, and these dark-haired youths with toned, slender physiques deliver a scorcher. Falcon Exclusive Paddy O'Brian, who has a twilight encounter with Randy Dixon, will inspire you with bright sizzling flames of desire. Finally, Lucas Vitello and Jed Athens bring these Smoldering Hot couplings to a moonlit close with an unexpected flip-flop fuck that sets the screen on fire and shows you how engaged, youthful spirits can set the night ablaze with their sexual longings.

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