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Hurts So Good / Out Of Control Dvd Cover

Hurts So Good / Out Of Control

  • Updated 2006-10-01
  • | 02:02:20
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FVP027 'Hurts So Good': Here is the super-hung Duke in a hard, fast film that may cause you to wince as you watch him plunge his tremendous cock farther and farther and faster and faster, into his partner. 'Gold Coast Marine' This highly praised Dimension classic stars real life lovers, beautiful and built Michael and Philip, in one of their first - and best - films together. 'Country Boy' As boys will, handsome farm stud Bill slips away to his secluded spot in the woods to relieve his pent-up sex drive. This day, however, he's joined by the young guy from the neighboring farm. 'Inch By Inch' When two well-hung hunks discover one another's cock potential for the first time, it's often a matter of whether either can handle the other anally or not. Bob and Davy solve this size problem by taking it inch by inch! 'Hurts So Good' Here's Ray Fuller look-and-hung-alike Bert Edwards forcefully subjecting his partner, Joel to his own special brand of insatiable, near-sadistic, bedroom recreation.FVP027 'Out Of Control': The Dimension Collection Part III - Starring famous French-canadian Bert Edwards, Davy, and Dean Chasson in 'Out Of Control,' 'Winter's Come,' 'On Leave,' and 'A Winter Place' - more of Matt Sterling's early work where uninhibited youth with rock-solid bodies unleash their pent-up sexual desires on each other.