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Hot City Streets Parts 1 & 2. This is the 2-part film that introduces the incredibly hung Lee Ryder. Lee and his buddy, Mike - no slouch in the dick-size department himself - get heated up on a sizzling summer afternoon and decide to settle some scores with a couple of dudes who've been muscling in on their turf. Settling scores in this instance means thrusting their supercocks down gagging throats and up resisting assholes. The part-1 fourgy takes places in a back alley and the survivors of that cum-splattered encounter retire to a clubroom for the concluding fast-paced three-way of part 2. Take It Like A Man: If there was a perfect blond-brunet match, it's Mark Hunter and Joe Reeve, a Superman standin-and boyish Hunter, with the snowy buns of Ganyemede, explore the bi-ways of seduction, submission and sexual conquest in what starts out with Mark's friendly drop-by to shoot the breeze with the biker next door and ends up with these two studs better acquainted than most neighbors ever get!

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