White Hot

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Video Description: Brandon Lewis comes up for air quickly followed by his muscled boyfriend John Magnum. The two men play off each other knowing what makes them tick and they are soon drowning in flesh. John reaches down and grabs Brandon's cock and balls, freeing them from their confining tighty whities. Then he gobbles the engorged beefstick letting it sink down his throat. Brandon pulls his honey's briefs off so he can play with his bubblebutt and asshole, while waiting his turn to service John. And when he gets the chance, he goes hogwild almost gagging on its girth. Then he starts eating John's ass, priming the sweet hole for the maniacal buttfucking he's planned. John gets on his knees, his rump exposed for ravaging and Brandon busts in cramming his cock as far into the crevice as possible. Then they switch it up again and John fucks Brandon's ass, giving as good as he gets. Brandon shoots his load all over his chest and John follows up spilling his spooge all over his exhausted partner.