Touch Me

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Video Description: It's early morning...Steve Hammond (non-sexual role) showers for work as lover Troy MacKenzie sleeps. Steve dresses, kisses Troy goodbye and is off to work. No sooner is Steve gone than Troy is on the phone with secret lover Eric Manchester. Manchester arrives and soon the two men are in each other's arms. Eric is eager to touch and taste Troy's smoothe body from head to toe. Eric now has Troy's ass cheeks in front of him, slapping the round mounds and fingering and exposing Troy's sweet hole. Manchester opens Troy up and Troy sits down on Eric's cock. Soon Eric turns Troy on his stomach and plunges his cock in deep, then he rolls Tory over again and faces him as he drives his shaft deep. Troy's insatiable appetite is tested as Eric slices his powertool in from the side thrusting his hips forward in a final assault. Both men reach their peak and blast off spewing forthe super-charged loads. Lying together in the afterglow of contented pleasure, they are suddenly taken aback as the door opens and Steve catches them in the act.