Take Ten

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Video Description: 'Black Power' - When I first saw Frank, he was shadow-boxing in the park. He looked like he was alll power and muscle. Once morning he was skipping rope and I couldn't believe my eyes - he wasn't wearing any jockstrap - and every time he jumped his cock would flip around in his shorts. His cock looked like it was a foot long and thick! Without touching myself, I got hard as a rock just watching that big cock flop around. Wasting no time I knelt before him as he reached in his pants and pulled out the biggest cock I'd ever seen. It was too fucking big! I dropped my pants and spat on Frank's cock. Bending me over, he placed his cock against my ass. Feeling the size of it, I tightened up. Frank, in a very rough voice, said, 'Kid you wanted this and you're going to get it, so make it easy on yourself and relax.'


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