Out Of Athens, Part 1

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Video Description: Exploring the rugged coastline of the Greek Isles, Johnny Brosnan (in a non-sexual role) catches sight of three ripped and randy locals engaged in a sizzling sun-soaked threesome. Jose Ganatti and Jeffrey Dickinson relax as Thomas Williams demonstrates his superior sucking skills. Moving from cock to cock, tonguing, teasing and nibbling their foreskins Thomas works cock well while Jeffrey and Jose explore each others mouths. Jose settles down to sucking and jacking Jeffrey's cock...sharing it with Thomas. Jose fucks Thomas from behind while Thomas fellates Jeffrey. Jeffrey takes his turn pumping Thomas's tight hole while Jose feeds Jeffrey his thick swollen prick. Thomas takes a turn pumping Jeffrey's ass...thrusting hard and deep and unloading all over Jeffrey's ass while Jose jacks out a memorable load. Not to be outdone, Jeffrey jerks out an incredible fountain of thick white cream.