Video Description: Laying on a rubber raft, floating aimlessly under the hot sun, Logan Reed dreams of a sun-soaked poolside orgy--nine naked men: James West, Buck Philips, Bryan Williams, Aaron Brandt, Adam Wilde, Dan Brewer, Brad Michaels, Hawk McAllister and Jeff Palmer--celebrating the joy of gay sex. They hungrily devour each other like a pack of sex-starved animals, feeding on one another, fighting for cocks to suck, asses to tease, mouths to fuck. The action grows more frenzied as the horny studs move underwater, continuing their hedonistic play; bodies undulating beneath the surface, the action still sizzling, light shimmering on their bodies. An aquatic circus of mermen eagerly sucking and fucking; cocks and asses bobbing in the water; explosions of cum both under water and outside. And for a finale: a chorus line of asses playfully sprayed with super-soakers! Laughing and rough-housing, the group takes revenge by giving each of the two marksmen an enema with their own waterguns!