Green Door

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Catégories Anal Sex, oral sex, rimming, tattoos
Video Description: Stuck behind the bar, Erik Grant is forced to watch sex-starved doughboys Chad Manning and Beaux Banner making out like a pair of horny teenagers. But the envious barkeep is feeling so flustered that he’s ballsy enough to jump into the fray, making this a 3-man playdate they’ll long remember. As Chad and Beaux continue sucking face, Erik pulls Beaux’s trousers down and rims his hole. Then Beaux travels south onto Chad’s cock to nurse on it. Before long, both soldiers are doing double duty on Erik, sucking his knob, nibbling his tits, and slobbering manly kisses all over, their tongues wandering over every inch of his sinewy body. The three then maneuver around each other into different sexual configurations, so each can take turns sucking cock and fucking ass. Ready to blow their gaskets, they sit side by side, massaging their own dicks until they reach orgasm and shoot their loads.