Down Home

Video Description: When Jeff leaves the General Store, Dylan Fox stops him. These two guys haven't seen each other in a long time, but as they stare into each other's eyes they both know exactly what the other wants. It doesn't take long for smooth and handsome Dylan Fox and taut-bodied Adam Archer to lure Jeff back to the barn. Quickly Adam and Dylan get down to business - frenzied ass-eating, ravenous cocksucking and wild fucking. Dylan gets just what he wants as Jeff thrusts his huge cock deep into the young jock. Harder and harder Jeff fucks the surrendered stud while Dylan ravishes Adam's muscular ass with his tongue. Suddenly Kris Lord barges in. He had an idea of what was going on in the barn and he's ready to join in. He buries his cock in Dylan's hungry hole and the foursome gyrates in a hot sexual workout...a wild fuck fest of perfect erotic harmony...ending as each hot stud shoots his sticky voluminous load.