Deception, Part 2

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Video Description: Nino Bacci and Brandon Warner are in the barn working on the truck. They tell Josh Weston that it's - broken and that there are no other cars on the farm. Then they paw each other and - start getting naked. Weston is aroused and watches for a minute before leaving the two to turn up the heat. Bacci drops to his knees and worships Warner's manhood like a master; sucking slowly on his big cock, and slurping lovingly on his smooth balls. Warner pays him back with a blowjob of his own and then eats Bacci's ass and teases his ass with his naked cock, pushing his head right up against Bacci's hairy hole. Then it's Warner up in the bed of the pick-up spreading his cheeks so that Bacci can voraciously eat his puckered hole and suck his hard cock from behind. Finally, Bacci bottoms, taking Warner's cock hard and deep until they both cum all over, leaving him a sticky mess.