Big Delivery

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Video Description: 'I've got a package here for Marlowe,' delivery man Paul Bain says in a gruff voice. Scott Bond's desires go to red alert as soon as he sees Paul's other package. 'He's not here. I'll sign for it...I'm here alone,' Bond informs him. 'Oh yeah?' Bain says as he pushes his way through the door, grabbing Scott and pulling the startled young man's face up to his, kissing him long and hard. The two men lose control, exploring their granite physiques, tasting each other from top to bottom. Scott wastes no time stripping off Paul's uniform and homing in on his giant cock. Scott works the mammoth tool, sucking from mushroom head to cum-laden balls. Without warning, Paul flips Scott over and plunges his rock-hard cock dep into Scott's hole. Paul pounds Scott fast and deep...then slow and long. The momentum builds as Scott turns the tables and plows his monster dick into Paul's primed ass. They go far beyond the bounds of sexual exhiliration when, unable to control themselves any longer, they shoot their loads all over their tanned torsos.