Big Delivery

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Catégories Oral Sex, Rimming
Video Description: On a hot sultry summer afternoon Scott Bond and Bill Marlowe have planned a barbecue. But one look at each other's tanned muscular torsos and rippling abs causes them to feel the pressure of their own big cocks swelling in their tight levis. The barbecue can wait - they have more immediate desires to take care of first. Within seconds they are in the bedroom feeling their rising sexual heat. Their giant cocks are rigid as Scott's hot wet mouth deep-throats Bill's heavy-hung dick. Bill lunges for Scott's massive endowment and soon has his mouth filled to capacity. They 69 each other into a wild frenzy of sensual hunger. With their energy approaching a fever pitch, Scott thrusts his huge cock deep into Bill's rock hard butt. He screws the jock for all he's worth. But this isn't enough for Scott - he slams his ass down on Bill's bull cock and continues to fuck the huge dick with his ever -widening hole. Both men erupt with lava flows of white cum.