Best Men, Part 1 - The Bachelor Party

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Video Description: Rod Daily and Mason Alexander head over to the pool to check out the action. No one's there, so they decide to create their own excitement. They strip down and dive in, splashing about before drowning in each other's arms. Mason goes down on Rod's hot rod. There is so much cock to suck he can barely keep his head above water. Then he starts to eat the big man's ass. Mason is a total submissive and his appetite is bottomless. All Rod can do is lay back and enjoy the attention. Pleasure is a two-way street so he starts to suck on Mason's dick. Next he spreads his mate's ass cheeks wide open and finger fucks the hole. Rod towers over Mason and fucks him hard; then lays him on the ground and fucks him some more until he cums. Mason finishes Rod off sucking him again until he shoots his load. They jump back into the pool to kiss passionately under the waterfall.