Ty Colt

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Starring Ty Colt
Categorías Bodybuilder, Solo Sex
Video Description: Some guys have all the luck; good looks, a big dick, gorgeous body and...a big dick. Ty Colt has moseyed into town to entertain us with a little sample of what he does best - beating his meat. He's quick on the trigger, answering how many times a day he jacks off: when he wakes up, that's one; after lunch, that's 2; and before he beds down, that's 3! On holidays, maybe 4 or 5 times. And now he's ready with a lick and a promise to show off his technique and how he likes it to be done! Our blond hunk of man sits back, immediately lost on a sexual prairie. Ty is definitely one damn-hot pice of meat with his all-American looks, muscular pecs, thundering thighs and calves. And he boasts a super-sized horse dick with a pair of hefty balls that look like saddle bags! He goes to town, choking his horn with rapid strokes. There's a lot of sighing as this cute desperado works himself on the leather chair. He continues workin' his pud with feverish abandon, doin' a bang-up job until he hits pay dirt and busts a nut, shooting his joy juice all around.