The Other Side Of Aspen V

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Video Description: Jimmy McGuire peers into the cabin where he's to spend the night, catching sight of Eric Leneau worshipping muscle-god Matthew Rush. Unseen, Jimmy smiles as Eric glides his tongue devotedly down Matthew's bulging torso toward the stiff peak rising from beneath this stud's snowy briefs. Freed from its confinement, Matthew's rock hard cock quivers in response to Eric's skillful mouth. Matthew lies back and relaxes while Eric's hungry mouth feverishly slides from tip to shaft, over ample balls and into the crevice of Matthew's delicately puckered hole. Matthew then returns his fleshy affections, expertly sucking Eric's rock-hard uncut pole and beautifully full, dangling balls. Before long, Matthew is spreading Eric's aching asshole with his own yearning, stiff cock-pounding Eric's ass with eagerness and lusty abandon. Finally, both men overheat, firing hot spurts of satisfaction onto the contours of their tanned, rippled abs.