Roughin' It

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Video Description: Tony Capucci finds himself stranded buck naked in the woods. With nothing but his baseball cap to cover up his man bits, he heads back to the cabin. He winds up at a neighboring campsite, surprising Trent Davis and asks for a pair of shorts. Trent's no fool and barters with the buffed wildebeest. Tony promises the happy camper he'll give him the 'fuck of his life' in return. Trent is down on his knees, tasting every scrumptious inch of Tony's wiener. And like the good dirty boy he is, he rims his visitor's asshole, making him pant with pleasure. Then Trent climbs aboard Tony's lap, lowers himself onto the big man's big stick, and bucks up and down. He gets fucked sideways, from behind, on his back with his ankles up around Tony's neck -- no matter what position, the sensations are thrilling. Trent jerks himself off excitedly and cums. Then Tony pulls out and shoots his load across Trent's bubblebutt, leaving a mess but earning himself a pair of shorts to get back home in.