Road Trip, Vol. 14 - Hollywood

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Video Description: All the guys confess their weekend in Hollywood has exceeded their expectations, with JJ even thinking about making a move out west. But for now, the guys are together, ready to make the final scene a showstopper! Jacob goes down on Junior; JJ does Jake; and Damon starts sucking on Chasen. They're all so into it that it's hard to tell which guy is enjoying himself more. The fellas break into two groups with Junior slurping on Damon's asscrack as he sucks Jake's cock. Chasen is the middleman on his team with Jacob feasting on his salami while he gets to savor JJ's joystick. The fucking frenzy then begins with Jake fucking JJ; Damon riding Chasen; and Junior putting the screws to Jacob. It's a free-for-all as they trade partners; all of them stars rotating around the other and then climaxing big the grand finale. How better to end this road trip than with another quote; this one from Jay Leno: 'If God doesn't destroy Hollywood, he owes Sodom and Gomorrah an apology!' Amen!