Road Trip, Vol. 14 - Hollywood

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Video Description: Jake Steel's representin' the City of Brotherly Love and Chasen's our big guy from Florida; both of them eager to make a big splash in Hollywood. It quickly becomes apparent that Jake really knows how to suck cock and all those groans and moans Chasen's making certainly proves it. He savors each sloppy lick, each run of his tongue up and down the shaft, each oral tickle of Chasen's balls. Then the guys trade places. JJ moves his hips to and fro so he can slide his dick through Chasen's lips; and the big guy knoshes on it hungrily. After a while Jake attacks Chasen's asshole, jabbing his tongue deep inside to tease and titillate. Then he mounts his partner and skewers himself onto his stiff rod to ride him hard and fast. They get up as Chasen still plugs away, fucking Jake's hole with firm and repetitive thrusts. The pain and the pleasure intensify until Chasen pulls out and cums across Jake's rump. And Jake answers with his equally impressive load.