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From: Rimshot
Categorías Anal Sex, Oral Sex
Video Description: On the bed of his pick-up truck, blond athlete Todd Fuller begins to suck on Craig Hoffman's mammoth dick. Todd has never seen a dick this large before and he gets so excited by this huge power tool that he hungrily sucks the big prick. Craig responds wildly and with no mercy fucks the hot jock's mouth and throat. The giant dick rams deep into Todd's begging mouth, filling his throat beyond the limit. Craig soon grabs Todd's rigid dick and begins to devour it, but Todd isn't going to let go of Craig's enormous piece of meat and as he is being eagerly sucked he moves back onto the huge dick. These two suck each other, heating up to the boiling point. They engulf each other's man rods with unabated zeal until Todd begs for Craig to fill his ass with that unbelievably enormous cock. Craig thrusts his huge dick into Todd's straining hole causing Todd to groan from the impact as he fills the surrendered stud to capacity with the giant intruder. Craig continues to pummel Todd's expanded hole with his humongous prick to the point where all hell breaks loose and these two savages let go with giant jets of cum.