Leo Giamani Fucks Rusty

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Video Description: Rusty’s thrilled just sitting next to Leo and Leo is all buzzed up with the prospect of hot sex with Rusty. They’re just two happy fellas who can’t stop talking about how hot the other one is. Rusty gets the ball rolling telling Leo that “since you’re gonna fuck me, you can blow me a little”. Leo is up to the task and wraps his lips eagerly around his buddy’s dick and sucks away. Rusty is quickly aroused and soon rushes to return the favor. He grabs Leo’s cock and ­– after comparing it to a baguette – chows down. He tries valiantly to get it entirely down his throat. Leo is panting; he’s ready to bust a nut, but holds back and zooms down on Rusty’s rod again. Then he gets behind Rusty, gently coaxes his thick dick tightly inside his asshole and starts to fuck him. It stings; it smarts; it hurts; but it feels so good. Leo continues plugging away with Rusty now on his back stroking himself to climax. Leo then pulls out and he cums across Rusty’s belly, squeezing out every drop of jism. Exhausted and satisfied, they collapse in a heap.