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Video Description: Dean Tucker and Ari Silvio are stunned after getting their pink slips. So when Christian Wilde comes in as security hired to watch they don't steal anything, Dean blows his top. Driven by rage and frustration, Dean decides he'll give the guard something to watch. He forces Ari down on his knees and makes him suck his cock. Reluctant at first, Ari soon gets into it, swallowing Dean's dick all the way down to its base. Christian gets so turned on he pulls his meat out and starts to masturbate. Dean is a dynamo as he guzzles down his buddy's dick and rims his ass. Then he goes for Christian's pole, working both men to a frenzy. With his dick stuffed down Ari's gullet, Dean invites Christian to fuck his coworker's hole. Ari squeals with delight getting plugged at both ends. Dean and Christian switch places still ramming Ari's ass and mouth. Then Christian fucks Dean's hole as Ari eggs them on. Ari and Dean blow their wads and Christian follows, splashing them with his cum.