In Deep: Miles To Go

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Video Description: Buck Meadows and Johnny Rider play out their sex games. In the sauna, Buck gives Johnny an enema, filling his gut with water. Johnny's belly becomes swollen with all the liquid and he holds it in, barely containing himself, until Buck gives him the order to release and let it all go. Then come the dildos, and Johnny squats over them with Buck's assistance. He skewers himself onto a succession of rubber cocks, each one bigger than the last, his eyes widen as each new dildo disappears up his crack. In the bedroom, Buck fucks Johnny's ass, getting it primed for more action. And then when ready, he slides his gloved, greased fist up the young man's hole, slowly twisting and easing it in deep, up to the wrist and beyond. Johnny's hole stretches to accommodate Buck's fist, and then Buck jerks himself to orgasm, showering Johnny with his load.