Deception, Part 2

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Video Description: Shane Rockford doesn't want to leave the farm and decides to stay. As a reward the farmhands are instructed to show him a good time. They end up in the barn sucking each other's dicks, while Rockford's lover, Josh Weston spies on them from outside. Rockford chows down on Chad Hunt's amazing 11 incher, while Daniel Sinclair gets his thick cock worked on by Brian McClaine. It's share and share alike as both Rockford and Sinclair slobber over Hunt's horsecock eventually joined by McClaine so that all three worship Hunt's monumental manhood with slathering tongues. A free-for-all suck fest ensues and finally asses are impaled as Sinclair shoves his hard cock up Rockford's tight hole and pounds him deep and hard. Sinclair pulls out and is quickly replaced by McClain, not even giving Rockford a chance to breathe before pushing his cock up inside the eager bottom. Finally Rockford sits down on Hunt's throbbing monster and gets fucked into ecstasy while sucking on Sinclair and McClaine's hard dick.