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Video Description: Kyle Becker describes lying poolside next to the tanned Herculean form of Mike Branson. Enamored with the provocative bulge in Mike's speedos, Kyle attempts a furtive peak...awakening the sleeping giant who quickly recognizes Kyle's intent and has his own erotic agenda. Mike invites Kyle to take a peek and he eagerly accepts the invitation, freeing Mike's huge thick cock from the tricot trappings. Kyle hungrily sucks Mike's cock-filling his mouth with the bulbous head; sliding his tongue up and down the engorged shaft-burying Mike's tool deep in his own throat. The rippled sunbathers slip off their suits and stroke their rigid cocks. They engage in a bit of swordplay, slapping their dicks against each other before Kyle kneels and offers his firm round ass for Mike's enjoyment. Mike massages Kyle's hole--opening him up in preparation for the inevitable and much anticipated fucking to come. Kyle begs Mike for his cock. Mike eases it in, then delivers his tool with rhythmic, ever-quickening thrusts as he plows Kyle's hungry hole. The sun beats down as the men become lost in their erotic play. The more they play, the more they want. Mike reclines and Kyle eagerly settles down onto his erect cock, working himself into a frenzy and finally spilling his load over Mike's chiseled abs. In a moment, Mike's own ivory fountain completes the pool and the two satisfied men heave a sigh of release.