Crotch Rocket

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Video Description: No wonder none of the bikes are getting fixed. Mechanic Sean Everett is busy sucking on customer Sean Stavos' big shift stick. He grips the shaft and strokes it lovingly as his lips slurp up and down its fleshy length. The men soon switch positions and Stavos loses himself in the folds of the grease monkey's fleshy foreskin as he gives him a blowjob. Everett shivers with excitement as he then gets a rimjob, his client's quick tongue darting in and out his hairy cleft. After wetting the puckered sphincter with his spit and lapping away to prime it, Stavos proceeds to stick his prick in the buttcrack and fucks it fast and furious. He slaps Everett's asscheeks with sharp swats as they continue screwing non-stop in different positions. Both men are panting hard until Everett can no longer hold on and he shoots his load all over his partner's belly. And Stavos answers with a stream of warm cum churning all the way up from his big balls to ejaculate explosively.