Rub Me Right

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Video Description: Jimmy Durano strides hard and naked into Brandon Jones' bedroom, his erection preceding him. When he announces 'I'm horny,' Brandon perks up and crosses the bed on his knees until his mouth connects with flesh. It's somewhere around Jimmy's collarbone, but Brandon licks, kisses and nibbles his way south: over the pec, past the nipple and through the abs until he clasps his mouth around Jimmy's cock. As the intensity of the face-fucking increases, Brandon begins to hump the mattress. The movement of Brandon's ass catches Jimmy's attention. Brandon is face down on the bed, clawing the fabric, raising his ripe and eager buns, and looking smolderingly over his shoulder, as if to say 'what's stopping you?' Next thing Jimmy's tongue is in Brandon's hole. He needs an extra hand to slap, to squeeze, to spread those smooth, tan buns, to finger Brandon's hole. Brandon solves the problem by impaling himself on Jimmy's monster cock until they both shoot heavy loads across Brandon's slender and ripped torso. Brandon takes the final edge of Jimmy's horniness by sucking his cock clean.