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Video Description: Falcon Exclusives Roland Dane and Jeremy Penn devote themselves to some steamy manplay. Roland sucks Jeremy's cock, they sixty-nine, they tease each others flesh with their tongues and tweak each others nipples with their teeth. Soon Roland is rimming Jeremy-massaging his ass and loosening him with his tongue and teeth. Roland wants to fuck Jeremy and at first Jeremy resists, but as Roland presses the issue, Jeremy gives in. Roland penetrates Jeremy slowly at first, allowing Jeremy to relax and accept his cock. As the session progresses, Roland picks up the pace...fucking Jeremy harder, Deeper and faster. Jeremy gasps with anticipation and excitement, enjoying this new found pleasure. Roland works him to the point of no return and Jeremy erupts in orgasm. Seeing Jeremy's load pushes Roland over the edge and he sends his own thick orgasm onto Jeremy's back. The two studs nuzzle each other as they enjoy their release.