Crotch Rocket

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Video Description: Samuel Colt picks up his bike and encounters Cameron Adams. The atmosphere tingles with excitement as the young clerk flirts with the big biker; their mutual lust is immediate and palpable. Cameron's like a rabid dog as he buries his face in Samuel's crotch and sucks away madly. There's a lot of kissing, spitting and facefucking as Cameron hungrily deepthroats Samuel's meat pistol. The big hunk matches his buddy's enthusiasm and starts to nurse on Cameron's candy cane. Then he rims his butthole making it slick enough for him to slide his cock inside. Samuel pumps away in easy measured thrusts, slow and sure at first, then hard and fast. Cameron moans and grimaces, enjoying every anal charge whether laying on his back or on his knees or sitting atop and riding Samuel's pole. He dismounts and jerks himself to climax and Samuel responds, squealing his pleasure as he climaxes and cums. Then he collapses exhausted and beat onto his partner's heaving chest.