Worked Up

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Video Description: Horny pup Parker Perry stops his workout to follow sexy Phenix Saint into the steam room, turned on by the trainer's impressive body and his even more impressive cock. Phenix is aware that the young rascal's anxious to fool around and in a flash, Parker is sucking the big guy off, swallowing his fat prick down with gusto. This physical contact is just what the doctor ordered: every move and touch, every kiss and lick ... just like medicine to soothe their throbbing muscles. Phenix then nurses on Parker's cock, letting the big uncut rod slide back and forth through his clamped lips. Then the two fuck. Phenix's cock pierces Parker's tight puckered asshole making them both moan with pleasure. In and out, fast and slow, in a series of different positions, the buttfucking is relentless and pleasurable. Phenix's fierce ass-pounding tests Parker's stamina and endurance until one after the other they both shoot their loads.