Worked Up

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Video Description: Hunter Marx pumps himself up while waiting for his student to come in for his workout. Instead of putting Scott Campbell through his paces, the wily trainer has his willing trainee service him and his big fat cock. He strips down and stands at ease, enjoying Scott's tongue reps sliding up and down his dickshaft. Then he pays it back, giving as good as he gets by first sucking Scott's dick and then eating out his asshole. Ready to amp up the action, they begin to fuck, first with Scott down on all fours, then while he's laying on his back until Hunter shoots a viscous pool of cum over the young man's abs and chest. Hunter then coaxes Scott to open his asshole wide so he can anally take on a metal bar from the weight bench. Scott's sphincter muscle gets stretched to the max as he backs himself onto the big pole and rides back and forth, cooing with pained satisfaction while Hunter monitors the exercise, ensuring there's a maximum of pleasure with a minimum of danger.