What Goes Around

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Video Description: Jeremy Bilding is enjoying his morning coffee on a sunny day in the Castro when Parker London catches his eye. Parker, has more than coffee in mind, when he walks up and starts a conversation with the stud. Before you can say 'pick-up', Parker lures Jeremy to his apartment and has his lips wrapped around Jeremy's large piece of meat. Parker savors the taste of Jeremy's cock drenching it with spit, he deep throats it, jerks it and sucks it with an insatiable hunger. Switching off, Jeremy devours Parker's pole allowing it to hit the back of his throat. Before Parker knows it, Jeremy's got him on his back with his legs up revealing Parker's meaty ass and sweet hole. Jeremy plunges in deep with his tongue savoring the musty manhole. Jeremy rims him so well that Parker is soon begging for cock to satisfy his eager hole. Jeremy wastes no time and plunges it in deeply. After plowing Parker for a bit, Jeremy gets on his back so Parker can take a ride on his meat stick. Parker mounts Jeremy and rides his cock deep and hard. Taking the reins back, Jeremy flips Parker onto his back and pushes his leg back over Parker's head so he can plow even deeper. Parker takes it like a man, and loves it. Jeremy steadily pounds Parker hole mercilessly until Parker shoots a hot load all over his sweat-covered body, pushing Jeremy over the edge and causing him to spew his man milk.