Ty Colt Fucks Leo Giamani

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Video Description: Hot Damn! We’re in straightman heaven today! Two of the hottest and most popular guys to ever work this site are here going mano a mano. Ty Colt is a prime example of male hotness and Leo Giamani is stud personified. Both hunks are staggeringly attractive, well-built and sexy as hell. And right now here’s something special: Ty is going to fuck Leo! Leo’s been in the driver’s seat on his last few outings, but today he’s getting his ass plowed. Ty gets things moving sucking on Leo’s big cock, lubing it up with a lot of spit and doing a great job. Then it’s Leo’s turn to feast on Ty’s meat. Both jocks possess superb cocksucking technique and it’s hard to figure out which one is enjoying themselves more. Ty then gets behind and starts to fuck Leo. It’s a tight fit, but he squeezes his thick pole snugly into Leo’s asshole. He starts to pump away, getting into a rhythm that has them both rocking with pleasure. Then they’re on their sides, with Ty still porking Leo hard. They are two magical creatures in conjunction; in communion; in heat. Now laying beside each other they jerk themselves to full climax – one following the other with creamy gobs of goo.