Ty Colt & Trent Locke Fuck Bobby South

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Video Description: Looking like three naughty bumps on a log, it’s Ty Colt and Trent Locke flanking relative newcomer Bobby South who states emphatically that “They’re gonna be doing me today!” Bobby’s bottomed before, but never on camera; as for the other two, they’re strictly tops. And just looking at this unholy trinity, you know they’re itching for some mischief-making today. First the guys stroke themselves hard. Then Bobby grabs the two stiff cocks on either side and jerks them both. The horny threesome get into a rhythm beating their meat when Bobby goes south on Ty swallowing his dick. Trent leans into Bobby’s crotch and starts to suck on his big whopper. Then the two tops sandwich Bobby in the middle with him still nursing on Ty's cock and Trent porking him. The bed is rocking. They rearrange themselves again and Bobby lays back in Trent’s lap while Ty fucks him missionary style. Bobby looks like he’s died and gone to heaven as Trent pinches his titty while Ty continues plowing his hole. All three are still rockin’ it when they lay side by side, jacking themselves off vigorously and racing to see who will finish first. They finally climax with Ty scoring the big win, Trent cumming in second and Bobby taking up the rear.