Twin Heat

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Video Description: With a tub of popcorn to share, Andrew Jakk and Kyle Quinn settle down for some mindless TV. All the guys need is something to watch, but the boob-tube's got nothing to offer. Anxious to improvise, the two friends go off script to create their own entertainment. Hot and horny Kyle goes down on Andrew and gobbles up his beautiful hard cock. He sucks it down greedily, getting worked up by the taste and smell of the sexy blond's groin. And wanting to satisfy himself just as much, Andrew goes after Kyle's sausage, feeding on it fiercely and savoring its ample girth. The guys 69, sucking each other off contentedly with Kyle going for more by rimming Andrew's tasty asshole. With his pulse racing and wanting a lot more, Kyle begins to screw Andrew, fucking him hard and fast in the ass. Their connection is electric and both of them rock back and forth fucking doggie-style with sheer pleasure until one after the other, they both climax, basting each other with their warm creamy loads.