Troy D.

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From: Troy D.
Video Description: Troy D. is ideal for this site. He's a 26-year-old blue-eyed cutie-pie from Dallas and as an exhibitionist, he's the real McCoy! He's a very sexual animal. When he was fourteen, he and his dad were vying for the attentions of his uncle's girlfriend and Troy handily beat out his old man! He's had sex everywhere - at the mall, in dressing rooms, in parking lots, at the gym, and even on the side of the highway. He likes having an audience; he'll turn on his web cam and perform. The thought of all those anonymous eyes watching his every move and getting off on his carnal dog-and-pony show is a total turn-on.He's been waiting two days for this; he's got two days' worth of pent-up horniness. He begins his performance with a slow strip. He is small and wiry, but at the same time, really aggressive. His intensity if palpable; he is aching to get his rocks off. He literally slaps his meat, working himself hard and when he finally explodes, the outburst is so exhausting. Troy has delivered as promised. He leaves - a happy man - hoping a lot of people will watch him cumming and going.


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