Tristan Phoenix

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Categories Bodybuilder, solo scene
Video Description: Tristan Phoenix is Masturbator Extraordinaire. For him, jacking off is a daily routine -- morning, noon and night. And now for his first solo on film, he's ready to share his talents with us.Out of the depths of its denim confinement, Tristan's dick rises like a mighty phoenix -- free and proud! He strokes his big bird, relaxed and lost in the intoxicating smell of his armpit. Then he slides out of his pants. He writhes and rolls about, continuously stroking and touching himself all over. To heighten the sensation more, Tristan jams his fingers inside his ass. He works himself over so intensely that the veins in his forehead begin to pop. His eyes scrunch close; his neck is rigid; his gasps punctuate the air. The excitement amps up and a sweaty sheen breaks out across his chest; even his asshole puckers up with restless anticipation as he races for the big finish. And when Tristan does climax, whizzing copiously all over, he does not disappoint -- certainly not himself.